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Growing up, I saw the value of community, integrity and empathy personified in my parents who were African diplomats. I watched them give freely to those in need and exemplify altruism wherever they went. As an advocate for education, my father supported and mentored young men and women, consequently opening doors that would have otherwise remained closed. My father’s diagnosis of prostate cancer served only to embolden and encourage his convictions. After his funeral, family, friends and strangers alike approached me to express their gratitude for his generosity and shared their stories; stories about jobs and education they wouldn’t have received without his help. His selfless spirit continues to be a bright light that cannot be dimmed.

Determined to carry on this legacy, the NewWave Foundation provides educational opportunities and partners with like-minded organizations who share a passion for education, healthcare, and social innovation. The foundation upholds a legacy of social change and honors the resilience of the human spirit. We empower individuals and enrich lives with hope and dignity by providing global access to healthcare and education.

Sherifah Munis

Founder & Executive Director

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We choose to shape our world and empower individuals, both locally and internationally, by improving access to HealthCare and Education. 

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