Together, we instill the dream.

We are passionate dreamers and achievers on a mission to equalize the educational playing field for students who deserve a shot at their own success.

The Dream in Action


Our scholarships are based on resilience rather than grade point average and are awarded to deserving students in Maryland, D.C., and beyond. We are proud to partner with like-minded nonprofits who share our vision of “instilling the dream” in the lives of our most promising youth.


Our educational events, workshops, and seminars are designed to equip students with a toolbox of cutting-edge professional skills. We are proud to empower our youth to nail an interview, develop a budget, and master time management skills that will launch their success.


Our volunteers are at the heart of our organization. We are proud to connect the skill sets and talents of individuals to a shared purpose while building on each other’s strengths and working together to make an impact in the lives of those we serve.

Letter from our founder

“I remain encouraged in the power of something that not even today’s most profound institutional or personal obstacles can take away: access to education.”

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The Impact of Our Dream

Since 2015 Newwave Foundation has made a significant impact in our work toward supporting educational equality. This is evident from the number of scholarships we have awarded, the growing number of our supporters, the generous volunteer hours that have contributed to our mission, and the connections that we have made and sustained with our community partner organizations. Join us in our mission!




Ken Ward Executive Director, College Bound D.C.

I express my gratitude for the invaluable partnership with Newwave Foundation. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in helping our scholars achieve their college aspirations by providing crucial financial aid. Moreover, NWF has offered a platform for our scholars to share their life experiences, positively impacting fellow students and creating a nurturing environment for shared growth. Additionally, NWF has been a pivotal supporter of our mission to make mental health services accessible to our students.

Peter Bui

Working at Newwave Foundation after graduating college was the best opportunity I could've asked for. I learned so much in a short amount of time, and I'll always be grateful for the mentorship and guidance I received while giving back to a great cause.

Nicholas Williams IT Director, NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc.

I thoroughly enjoy contributing my technical expertise to the NewWave Foundation. Being able to leverage my skills to support their initiatives and make a meaningful impact on the community is deeply fulfilling. Working alongside a dedicated team further enhances my passion for helping the NewWave Foundation.

Aminah Oladapo

Volunteering at Newwave has been an amazing experience that has given me the opportunity to embody my personal values in my work. Giving back is about making a difference, no matter how big or small. It's about being proactive and taking action.

Stephanie Lott

I believe in the power of financial literacy and am committed to Newwave Foundation's mission to bring more awareness, knowledge, and skills to the youth of today so that they can live an abundant life now and in the future. As a volunteer grant writer, my goal is to secure funding to advance NWF's financial literacy projects.

Kaitlyn Purvis

Working as an intern at Newwave Foundation was an amazing opportunity. I enjoyed using tools such as Canva which helped show my creative thinking and help inspire others through my projects. Newwave Foundation helped me think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone.

Meisha Robinson

Newwave's support and guidance bolstered our organization I Am, We Are’s (IAWA) impact and helped us hit our strategic goal of helping youth heal from any trauma experienced and gain the tools to address any challenges currently being experienced.


The Voices of Our Impact!

We work with a variety of stakeholders from students to community partners and experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and financial literacy.