A Letter from our Founder, Sherifah Munis

“The start of something new brings the hope of something great.”

Dear Friends, Partners, & Colleagues:
It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we turned the page on another year around the sun at NewWave Foundation. The start of 2022 isn’t quite what any of us would have imagined. Economic uncertainty continues, public health remains a global crisis, and the mental and emotional toll of it all can be felt from the oldest to the youngest among us.
Still, I remain encouraged in the power of something that not even today’s most profound institutional or personal obstacles can take away: access to education. Striving for it, attaining it, instilling it, and sharing it with the next generation has and always will be the rhythm that makes our community so unique.
It’s what makes our mission – to equalize the educational playing field for students who deserve a shot at their own success – worth fulfilling in fresh, new ways.
2021 was a year that changed our thinking on who we view as “students”.
Through our most notable new initiative, Money Talks, Tiffany Aliche, founder of “The Budgetnista”, shared ideals of financial wellness and literacy to an audience of young and experienced adults. Permission to Be Human, our virtual fireside chat with MaryBeth Hyland, and In Your Own Words, a panel of mentors and college students, shined a light on the often-overlooked topic of mental health within our community. Finally, NewWave Foundation’s first-ever Pitch Perfect competition invigorated our entrepreneurial spirit through an experience that culminated with over $10,000 in cash prizes awarded to the next cadre of business innovators.
As an organization, we’ve learned how to meet people where they are. Through our engagements, we’ve also learned that where people are isn’t always on a path to college.
Some are journeying toward financial freedom for their families. Some are recent college graduates striving toward a coveted seat in the table of entrepreneurship. And some are pursuing alternative career paths post-high school to achieve their own version of success. 2022 will be the year that we unapologetically honor the broad spectrum of educational needs for both the dreamers and achievers among us.
We look forward to hosting the highly-requested Money Talks 2.0 and other events that focus on financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
As an organization, our quest this year is one of simplified service:
To make the most of the knowledge we have today to positively impact ourselves and others tomorrow.
We look forward to continuing the journey with you.
With hope and excitement,
Sherifah Munis
Founder, NewWave Foundation
Instill the Dream

Martin Luther King Jr.
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