The Newwave Foundation team is headed back to school! This week, we’re introducing you to Maynor Aguilar, who is getting ready to kick-off his first semester at the Community College of Baltimore County! Maynor is one of our Newwave Foundation CollegeBound Scholars and we’re excited to share his story with you.

NWF: Hi Maynor, it’s great to talk with you! Can you share a little bit about how you’ve been handling quarantine?

Maynor: Quarantine has been hard for me. I live with kids and my family likes to be outside. For us, being inside all the time is not easy. For me, in the summer I like to go to the community, or get outside with internships, I like to help my community. So being stuck at home is hard. I want to be outside and help others. I know it’s a new experience and I have to keep going. I won’t let anything stop me from being happy or learning.

NWF: How was your last semester of high school? What was your graduation process like this year?

Maynor: I’ve never experienced e-learning before and It was a difficult experience. I learned online classes were not for me at the beginning but then I told myself, I have to have the full experience, try to learn, and be myself. So I started working hard, stopped procrastinating and worked hard. So now, I feel like it’s a new experience. I really wanted to see all my friends at graduation, so that was hard, but we still text each other.

NWF: It sounds like you have a great mindset! Can you tell us about what you’ll be studying at college this year?

Maynor: I’m really excited about college because I know its going to be a new experience. I want to focus on engineering and be an automotive technician. I know its going to be difficult, because I’m an English learner. But, I’m excited to get to know new teachers, students, and engineering classes. I also want to minor in something like computer science or technology.

NWF: What are you looking forward to most about school? Do you think you’ll join any clubs?

Maynor: I know things will be different this year, but I’m happy they opened the campus. I asked a lot of people what they recommend to do in college. I’ve been in so many clubs so I feel like that’s the best part. Being a part of a club or team, or even an engineering club!

NWF: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Maynor! We wish you the best at CCBC!

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