At the Newwave Foundation, we believe in pursuing educational equality and doing everything we can to foster students’ academic advancement. This fall, we are proud to partner with Thread Inc., a local nonprofit organization in Baltimore. Thread’s students receive tutoring, finance and health education and they also get connected with opportunities to serve in their local community.

These connections weave a new social fabric by connecting students who are at the bottom 25% of their class with mentors, educators and other students to help empower them through their high school careers and beyond.

Today, Thread is working with over 200 students in their Level 2 Community; Students who have graduated high school and are enrolled in college or professional training. NWF has awarded an education grant to cover book fees and support tuition expenses for Thread’s community of students.

Together, we can make an even bigger impact! Visit our website to learn more about our work in education, sign up as a volunteer, or make a donation to NWF. We are so grateful for your support!