#MentalHealthAwareness Month


What would you say is the most stressful factor in your life? In a survey conducted by Mind, work was ranked as the most stressful factor in people’s lives – even more so than debt and financial problems.
According to Business Wire, following the onset of COVID-19:
  • 91% of employees working from home reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress.
  • 43% of employees have become physically ill as a result of work-related stress.
  • 88% of employees appreciate when their leadership discusses mental health, but note that only 35% of employees indicated that leadership at their company actually does talk about it.
How can we combat these statistics?
  • Give yourself permission to be human by being kind to yourself, taking the necessary time off and seeking out support.
  • Join us for our upcoming livestream fireside chat about Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace to gain some tangible navigation tools this Thursday, May 13th @ 12:00pm EST.
We look forward to having a candid conversation with author
MaryBeth Hyland to discuss key concepts and relatable takeaways contained in her soon to be released book titled ‘Permission to be Human.’