Money Talk$: Meet our Young Entrepreneur Roundtable Panel

“If you approach 100 people for seed capital, 99 of them may say no, you just need that one.”

Dr. William Pickard
Join us next week for Money Talks!
Meet our Young Entrepreneur Roundtable Panel
We’re thrilled to announce the confirmation of our Young Entrepreneur panel speakers! Our Moderator extraordinaire will be Nneka Ukpai, who is a Venture Capitalist, 2x Tech Founder & Strategy Leader @ and Teaching Faculty @ Harvard Law.
On February 22nd, following our Keynote speaker Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder of, will be our Young Entrepreneur Roundtable featuring: 

Attendees will have the opportunity to stay around for a Peer-to-Peer networking event with a quick note from a surprise guest. 
There is only 1 week left until the 2-day series event of the year and there’s still time to register. Don’t forget to click the link below to secure your spot!

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