“Never start a business for money. Start a business to make a difference.”
– Marie Forleo

Newwave Foundation Presents Pitch Perfect

Emerging Entrepreneur Startup Showcase
Calling all budding entrepreneurs!
Do you have a business venture or idea that you’d like to bring to reality? Here’s your chance!
Newwave Foundation presents: Pitch Perfect!
A business pitch competition seeking young entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas that have potential to grow, transform industries and impact communities. We created Pitch Perfect Startup Showcase with the objective of celebrating diverse emerging entrepreneurs, who are leveraging technology to solve the problems of the present and propel us into the future.
According to a TechCrunch 2021 article, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) founder representation in the Venture Capital (VC) ecosystem is extremely lacking. Only 1.7% of VC backed startups have Black founders, and the number of Latinx founders is even lower at 1.3%. And on the startup boards of high tech companies, women hold a mere 8% of the board seats. A Forbes 2021 article cited that according to Silicon Valley Bank, only 26% of startups are making deliberate efforts to improve diversity among their leadership teams. With all this in mind, we want to make an effort to bridge this gap.
In this friendly competition, we will offer 8-10 startup teams the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of experts for a chance to win access to much needed capital. Founding teams will also be provided with coaching, executive mentorship and an assortment of startup tools and solutions along the way.
If you are interested in applying, the Pitch Perfect application is officially open to eligible startup teams who fit the following:
  • At least one or more members of the founding team must be a current undergraduate or graduate student (full-time or part-time), a recent alum within 2 years of graduation or a former student within 2 years of attending an institution
  • Have one or more members of your founding team that identifies as BIPOC
  • Are based and legally operating in the United States
  • Have a demonstrable product or service (past idea stage)
  • Lead a technology or technology-enabled business (no agencies or MLM)
  • Are prepared to talk about your venture to the public
  • Have raised or received less than $500,000 in total investment (e.g., equity, convertible notes, government grants, academic grants, digital currency, etc.)


Questions? To learn more about Pitch Perfect click here!

Entrepreneurs of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Supporting Haiti for Back to School Season

September marks back to school season and returning to the office for many, after a year plus of being home during an ongoing pandemic. Through these times of uncertainty, we also recognize that there are issues taking place around the world; devastating earthquakes in Haiti, terror in Afghanistan, and continuous social injustice.
When witnessing tragedies of this nature, as a small nonprofit organization that strives to support those in need, the first question that comes to mind is “How can we help?” We’re always looking for ways to have an impact among communities – even internationally. This year we have the pleasure of partnering with COHEF (Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation) to give back to families in Haiti that have lost their homes and the resources to provide for their children. Our donation to COHEF will support the purchase of school supplies, backpacks, clothing, toiletries and food. As we continue to make a difference, we hope that you will too.
To learn more about the work that COHEF is doing and how you can support children and families in Haiti, click here.


With September also being National Self Awareness Month, we encourage you to make some time for self-care and investing in your mental well-being. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup, so together, we can ensure that we all have the resources to keep our cups full, care for ourselves and those who depend on us. Here are a few ways to do so;
  • Treat yourself to something nice
  • Engage in a form of physical activity to relieve stress – yoga, meditation, walking, etc.
  • Maintain a balanced diet, drink water and get plenty sleep
  • Read a book or complete a journaling exercise
  • Surround yourself with positive and supporting people