Oh My Gosh, You Look Exactly The Same!

My sister is my forever and “always built in” best friend! I love being an identical twin. It’s a bond like no other, she’s literally my other half! We complete each other’s thoughts and sentences, we talk daily and see each other at least three days a week.

Growing up, our parents used to dress us in the same outfits but in different colors: I was typically in purple and my sister in pink. To this day, we will still buy the same tops without shopping together! Three years ago, we even showed up to Thanksgiving dinner wearing the exact same outfit. As kids, my sister and I had our own language that no one else could understand and having one another was all we thought we needed!

In Kindergarten, my parents decided it would be best to separate us heading into first grade. We weren’t’ excited about being apart but looking back, it was a good decision because we learned to become our own individuals.

Although my sister and I look identical, we have some special differences between us. For example, we have different tastes in food, accessories and our career passions are also different. Early in my career, I worked in Assisted Livings and for a corporate home health care company. I found it extremely rewarding to make the residents’ day and loved helping put a smile on their faces!

My sister on the other hand, enjoyed working with children in her career, through day cares and in the Howard County public school system. Today, she raises her own three children she tells me it’s the most rewarding job. My nieces and nephews refer to me as their second Mom and in my spare time, you will find me on the side of the field cheering them on in soccer, lacrosse, baseball and field hockey along with dance rehearsals, recitals and school plays!

I love being a twin and having a ‘built in’ best friend! Although my sister and I may look identical and share many of the same qualities, there’s still so much that makes us uniquely special. Life is short, make memories, push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy it to the fullest!