Shamiya is a recent high school graduate and one our 2020 NWF Scholars through CollegeBound D.C. and we are so excited to feature her this week! We had the opportunity to interview her this week to catch up and learn more about our Scholar. She shared plenty of fun facts about herself, some of her hobbies, and how her adjustment process to virtual learning. Shamiya stays busy and is extremely passionate about nails & beauty!

NWF: Hi Shamiya! It’s nice to finally get a chance to catch up with you since COVID-19. How have you and your family been coping with quarantining, social distancing and working from home?

Shamiya: We’ve actually been doing good! The only thing I would say is that we could use more structure. Things have been kind of unorganized because I have 2 younger siblings and they’re at home doing school as well. So it can be a lot with everyone on the computer, talking and noise coming from everywhere but aside from that it’s been going well.

NWF: Have you been able to keep in touch with friends and family?

Shamiya: So it’s been good! My boyfriend goes to Louisville but he came home for a week and he’ll be going back soon. I’ve been in contact with my friends, but since we all just started college we’re just all trying to find a way to adjust to everything. But I’ve been able to keep in touch and check-in with everything.

NWF: How was the transition to virtual school at the end of your senior year?

Shamiya:  It was bittersweet. At first I was actually happy because my Senior year was stressful, and we weren’t really doing anything fun as Seniors in school. So I was like this is fine, but at the same time I was upset that I wasn’t able to attend prom and hang out with my friends before we went on to college. The transition to online classes was hard at first but by the second and third I was able to get a hang of school.

NWF: What’s your major?

Shamiya: It’s supposed to be Architecture but Trinity doesn’t offer that as an actual major, so I have to minor in Architecture but get my degree in Mathematics.

NWF: What would you say your “dream job” is?

Shamiya: I actually do nails, so I would like to somehow mesh nails & Architecture together in a way. That’s really what I would say my dream career is because I’d like to be able to make my own schedule and have control of what I do, but have a successful way of doing so.

NWF: Tell us more about your nail business! How did you get started?

Shamiya: I basically taught myself. In 10th grade I would actually do nails on myself and everyone would say they look cute, but I never took it serious until 12th grade. I’m not sure why, but I realized it’s a good investment to do nails and if I get my own shop, I would have my own business. Plus, it’s very creative so I love being able to put my own spin on other people’s nails. It’s helping me get through school – both nail school and Trinity. I currently attend nail school at Dudley Beauty college.

NWF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Shamiya: I see myself with a dog, maybe moved in with my boyfriend, traveling, exercising frequently and eating better. I’m not sure if I’ll still be living in D.C. but it depends on where life takes me!