We’re excited to introduce you to Remy Vasquez, one of our NWF community members! We recently sat down with Remy to hear his story and we’re excited to share it with you today.


NWF: Remy, thank you for your time to chat with the Newwave Foundation! You’ve been pretty busy this spring with several volunteer initiatives – you recently supported Team NewWave Tech in the Greater Maryland Tour De Cure and championed a Jean Drive! Why is service and finding time to serve so important to you?


Remy: My mother would be the reason that service is so important to me. Growing up, I witnessed her help so many individuals and families without hesitation. As an adult, I’ve crossed paths with some of these people and have been told and witnessed how these acts of kindness made such an impact on their lives. By her actions, she instilled in me the importance of making a connection with and helping people.


NWF: What an amazing story Remy! Thank you for sharing it with us. At the Newwave Foundation, we are passionate about serving others and also using the power of education to serve. Why is education important to you?


Remy: Spreading knowledge and helping others receive access to education, this is what excites me most about the Newwave Foundation.


NWF: That’s incredible! If we’ve learned one things about you so far Remy, it’s that you are generous with finding time to serve. What’s another organization you’ve enjoyed serving with?


Remy: At the moment, I am currently passionate about the Happy Helpers for the Homeless organization. Happy Helpers is a volunteer-run organization that provides food, clothes and toiletries to the homeless in Baltimore City. I’ve enjoyed supporting them by making sandwiches for their lunch meals and by collecting clothing for the homeless.  I am fortunate enough to be able to care for my family, not everyone is.


NWF: Thank you for sharing with us, Remy! It’s been great chatting with you and we are incredibly grateful to have you as one of our NWF community members. Thank you for all you do!


Interested in sharing your story with us? We’d love to connect! Visit our volunteer page or email us at info@newwave-foundation.org and a team member will be in touch!