Luisa Solis has been a NWF Scholar since 2019, and we got the chance to catch up with her this week as she’s starting her 3rd semester at Howard Community College (HCC). She shared her experience during quarantine and some of the ways that she’s been trying to adjust while balancing school and work. Luisa has been keeping a positive attitude during this time in order to stay motivated!

NWF: Good Morning Luisa! How are you? How have you and your family been handling quarantine?

Luisa: I’ve been keeping in touch with friends by calling and checking in but we haven’t actually met up yet. In regards to family, we’ve been calling but there is one family member that we do go and see because she’s a bit older, so we’ve just been checking in on her.

NWF: How has your experience been transitioning to E-learning?

Luisa: It has been hard because I’m used to going to class, getting the information there and completing work on my own time. Now I have to teach myself the information that’s online and complete the work, while still making time to study. That has been difficult for me but I’m getting through it. I feel like it’s been a trial and error, so I’m trying different strategies.

NWF: What ways would you say that HCC has impacted your life?

Luisa: It’s been a great experience so far!! Before, I was driving to campus and it was a short commute. Everything was nearby so after school I would drive to work, which was all of 9 minutes away. HCC has been affordable, with the scholarships I’ve been able to continue my education and save money for when I transfer to University of Maryland. The teachers that I’ve met have also been great so far.

NWF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Luisa: Hopefully by then I will have finished my education, get a good job, start a life with my boyfriend, and maybe still living in Maryland.

NWF: Tell me about some of your hobbies! What do you do when you have spare time?

Luisa: I try to stay active, so I like to do Pilates or Yoga. I like to draw – that’s one of my favorite to do when I have free time. I also like to read and watch Netflix.