Welcome to the Team Aminah!

Meet Aminah Oladapo, our latest NWF Intern in thanks to our partnership with GIRL!

One reason education is important to you?

Service is important to me because providing help and resources to people is the start of creating a supportive community. Forming a supporting community is beneficial to all, as it makes connections and brings a sense of belonging to different groups of people.

One reason education is important to you?

Education is important to me because in this I believe it is a privilege and I am very grateful to be able to go to a good high school that’s not too far from me and be in a program that opens many doors for me.

Why are you excited about being involved with the Newwave Foundation?

I’m excited about being involved with the Newwave Foundation because I feel like this organization has created a space for me to voice my opinions and be creative in a way where I can learn more about myself and along the way learn new things through assignments I’m given.

An organization that you’re passionate about / What’s your Dream Service Project?

My dream service project is based on helping homeless women in the DMV have menstrual products. I’d want to start off small and collect funds to get pads for women in local shelters then expand throughout the DMV. An organization I’m passionate about would be BAYCSC (Bay Area Computer science council) I am a part of their student-led organization and we push for inclusiveness when it comes to the STEM field as it is a predominantly white male field and we host hackathons and webinars showing students, teachers and other organizations promoting computer science teaching.

Favorite quote and/or fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I’m a proficient snowboarder. I like to go to Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania and have fun with my friends. It is an expensive hobby but it’s worth it because it’s a great workout and you get to tell people you can snowboard.

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