Let the New Year Countdown Begin!

“The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”

Melody Beattie
Thank you for supporting Newwave Foundation in 2021!
It’s been quite a memorable year for Newwave Foundation as we’ve reached
new heights in the work that we do.
Thank you to our amazing NWF community for your continuous partnership, volunteer time and unwavering support to help us achieve our mission every single day. We are so grateful for passionate allies who believe in chasing our dreams alongside us.
As we close out this chapter to begin another, we’d like to highlight the positive impact we’ve made this year, that would not have been possible without your help.
Here’s to cherishing NWF’s growth and setting new goals for 2022!

+6 NWF Partnerships
Every year we have the pleasure of supporting amazing like-minded organizations globally and locally. This year, we had the opportunity to partner with several new organizations and assist them with educational workshops, scholarships, and COVID-19/natural disaster relief initiatives. As a result, we provided 13 scholarships utilizing over 1,200 volunteer hours to serve our singular mission of instilling the dream.

+5 Social Media Networks
Do you follow NWF on Social Media?
Check us out on InstagramTwitterFacebookLinkedin. Oh, and we just created a Tik Tok account!
Follow us to stay updated on all of our upcoming events.

+4 Virtual Events
At the start of 2021, our team had a goal to host 4 virtual events and we did just that! We held our first ever financial literacy webinar; Money Talks, a two-part Mental Health webinar livestream series; Permission to be Human & In Your Own Words, and a business pitch competition for budding entrepreneurs; Pitch Perfect!

+3 Giveaways
In 2021, NWF ran a total of 3 Giveaway Campaigns on our social media platforms. The first was for a chance to win copies of Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche’s newest book – Get Good With Money. Next, we held a giveaway for 15 computer monitors to be donated to a nominated nonprofit organization. Lastly, we ended the year with a holiday donation giveaway of $1,000 to cover the wishlist of a nonprofit in need.

+2 Media Features
This year, NWF had the pleasure of experiencing some really cool media exposure! First being our financial literacy empowerment webinar; Money Talks, got picked up by ABC7 online – click here to watch. Next, our Founder & Executive Director Sherifah Munis was featured and interviewed on the Karen Hunter Show, to discuss and promote our first ever business pitch competition, Pitch Perfect.

+1 New Team Member
Our team officially grew by one this year! Welcome Peter Bui, NWF’s Administrative Intern. In his spare time, Peter loves to read and make Tik Toks. When he started at NWF, he shared “Throughout my job search, it was important to me that I ended up at a company that had a mission and vision that I aligned with – increasing access to education. With Newwave Foundation, I really feel that I can make an impact.”

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