This time period of social distancing has been somewhat of a struggle for me. I’m doing my best to remain positive and stay busy, but if honesty permits, the unknown can be concerning and too much isolation can be lonely.

Yes of course our safety is foremost but being cooped up in the house can go one of a few ways. For many, this time to yourself can lead to plenty of productivity, self-reflection and even new-found skills. For others, you might be feeling low in motivation to get things done or execute goals that you have set for yourself. Then there are some who will find this period of no obligations to be relaxing and a break from your otherwise busy/on-the-go life.

From a personal perspective I fluctuate between all 3, and I’m learning that it’s okay – there’s no right or wrong way to utilize this time. No matter how you’re spending your days at home, I’m sure we can all agree that waves of boredom can strike! A couple of things that have prompted motivation for me are tapping into my favorite pastimes and fun family competitions. Having said that, here are quite a few suggestions to encourage positivity, entertainment, and ways to make good use of your time in the house.

Here are some ways get active!

  • Go for a run, walk or bike ride in your neighborhood to get some fresh air and exercise
  • No gym, no problem! There are so many different videos available on YouTube, On Demand, Instagram, etc. to follow and do indoor workouts
  • Yoga is another way to get active and stretch your muscles. Grab a mat, find a video, put on some relaxing music and get started!
  • Use your back yard or front yard to play games with your family – soccer, badminton, Frisbee, etc.

Here are some in-house activities!

  • Play a card or board game with your family. Fun competition always helps get everyone hype!
  • Play a game for your brain- take a quiz, do a crossword puzzle, play chess, etc.
  • Do a DIY or arts & crafts project like drawing, painting or scrapbooking. If you don’t know where to start, you can find plenty of examples on YouTube.
  • Baking is always something fun to do (and eat), especially with little children

Here are some relaxing things to do!

  • Journaling is a great therapeutic form of expression
  • Reading can be a fun way to learn new information while distracting and relaxing your mind
  • Binge watching a series on Netflix, Hulu or On Demand – I have plenty of suggestions if you need them 😊
  • Meditation and having a few moments of silence can be very relaxing
  • Spring cleaning can be a form of organization & de-cluttering which can be relaxing in retrospect. Put on some of your favorite tunes to help you get started.
  • Listening to music is an undefeated form of relaxation! This is the perfect way to escape, get in a positive headspace, and it’s great to do in conjunction with any other activity!

It’s so imperative to dedicate time to both get active and relax right now. Not only is it beneficial to your mental and physical health, but everyone deserves a break sometimes. Both can improve your productivity level, motivation and ability to think clearly. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all still adjusting to social distancing but we have to find a way to keep our lives as normal as possible.

“The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.” – Dr. Mark Hyman.

Trying times don’t last forever so let’s continue to our part by staying safe at home, staying connected and being there for one another in any way that we can!